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classen aerators

Classen TA-17D & TA-25D Self-Propelled Split Drive Aerators

Classen Split Drive Aerators take the backbreaking work out of aerating large areas. With Classen’s patented split-drive technology, you can steer, turn and aerate an entire job without removing the tines from the ground. Two unique features allow for non-stop aeration: user-friendly dual controls on the main handle for steering around corners, trees, sand traps, etc., and “all-tine” propulsion. Every tine is used to propel the unit in forward or reverse. By utilizing each tine you achieve consistent deep penetration and precise controlled steering without slippage (even on slopes and side hills) increasing productivity and minimizing user fatigue. Classen Split Drive Aerators are also easy to use and offer sensible features like a protective chain guard that keeps grass, leaves and cores out of the chain and sprockets, a combination throttle and belt tightener for smooth starting, heavy duty ball bearings that never need re-greasing and easy to reach controls. Classen Split-Drive Aerators are constructed for heavy-duty daily use and are backed by a 2-Year Rental/Commercial Warranty.

Classen TA-17D, Split Drive Turf Aerator:Classen Aerators - Full Line - Pic 4

  • 16.25″ aerating width, covers 19,333 sq.ft/hr
  • Side bumpers prevent catching on obstacles and tire scrapes ensure consistent tine depth
  • 24 tines with coring depth up to 2.75″
  • Hole pattern: 4.06″ x 7″
  • Removable 40lb. weight bar
  • 6.6 gal. front poly drum
  • Dry Weight: 323 lbs.
  • Dimensions: H-48.5″/38″ aerating x W-30″ x L-50″
  • Fits thru 30″ gate

Classen TA-25D, Split Drive Turf Aerator:Classen Aerators - Full Line - Pic 5

  • 24.375″ aerating width, covers 29,000 sq.ft/hr
  • 36 tines with coring depth up to 2.75″ and hole pattern of 4.06″ x 7″
  • Removable 50 lb. weight bar
  • 9.5 gal. Front polly drum
  • Dry Weight: 370 lbs.
  • Dimensions: H-48.5″/38″ aerating x W-40.5″ x L-50″
  • Fits thru 36″ gate